The best way to get the project done is to get Tou-it!

Touit can take an application and significantly improve performance by designing the computing system around the application.

Whether the application requires a DSP, GPU, FPGA, or a heterogeneous computing system, Touit has the expertise required to get the project done.


Real-Time Image Processor

Echelon is x1 PCI Express image processing board capable of performing 140,000 phase correlations per second. Echelon can be used in embedded systems for real-time image recognition or as a co-processor to rapidly search through an image database to correlate images. The Python interactive command line interface allows rapid development and prototyping of applications.

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Touit sells application specific hardware and software products.

Application specific computing is high performance embedded computing. The high performance arises from an efficient parallelization of the application to run on FPGA or multi-core platforms. It is so efficient a single FPGA-based application can replace a rack of commodity servers. Application specific computing creates a hardware realization of the application using a fraction of the power required to run the application on standard computing systems.

Application specific computing is green technology. The reduced power consumption of an application specific system leads to cost savings due to a significantly reduced energy and cooling footprint.

Application specific computing conforms the system architecture to the application. Instead of the traditional approach of forcing software to conform to the computing hardware's architecture.

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Touit and Sheldon Instruments Team Up

Touit and Sheldon Instruments are working together to produce a line of DSP and DAQ cards.

The selected DSP for the card is the Texas Instruments C667x line of digital signal processors. The complementary DAQ cards will utilize a line of high-speed Linear Tech A/D's.

Touit Creates Industry Leading 2D-FFT Core

Touit has designed and implemented real-time 2D-FFT IP core. The design is scalable to different power of two frame sizes.

The technology has enabled Touit to design the real-time frequency domain image processing card, Echelon.